Just like with any medium, the tools don't mean sh** if the end result is, well, sh**... Gursky doesn't deal in quantity, but quality(and even that is subjective depending on whom you talk with). Anyhow, shooting film is a chore in itself, and for someone as well-versed in the TECHNIQUE of photography, shooting high megapixel digital DOES make sense in many ways. I'm not sure how many of you have flown with holders larger than 4x5, but it can be a real pain. Not to mention flying with film, unless you have a way to not get film scanned if shipping via Fedex or UPS. I've flown with 8x10 ONCE, and that was with 5 holders, and film.

Carrying an Alpa XY, a slew of lenses and a digital back or two can be all fit into a rolling case that can be carried on easily. No film to worry about in regards to x-rays, or pesky security concerns when asking for a hand check.

A couple of hard drives for backup, or heck, now you ca just upload it all to the cloud when back to the hotel!

Horses for courses. I'm sure if Gursky felt the NEED to use film, he still would. Seems he doesn't