I have used Crown Graphics for decades, hand held with a rangefinder for focusing. One camera has the Kalart RF the other is a Pacemaker top rangefinder. The top rangefinder model is outstanding, bright RF has the cool flashlight focuspot thingy for focusing in the dark (it really works).
Press cameras were used with pre focusing on where you expected your subject to be and used long burning enormous flashbulbs.
A speed graphic allows to use barrel lenses but then your RF becomes pointless. I love the Crowns because they are so light.

You need to use the factory calibrated len, my have 135mm Xenars. I shoot Tmax 400, sunny 16 500th @f/16. Handheld zone focus easy as pie.

I use my simple no battery Fuji 6x9 rangefinders, for same stuff, helluva lot easier, but I love my Crowns.