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Thread: [Imacon Precision II] Calibration Sheet, and a Few Other Questions

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    [Imacon Precision II] Calibration Sheet, and a Few Other Questions

    Hello! First post here! A friend recommended I check this forum out, can't wait to start contributing.

    I have an Imacon FlexTight Precision II scanner, which is completely operational. I bought an old Power Mac G4, and was able to load OS X, got an SCSI card, and am running FlexColor 4 on the machine for scanning. It's been quite a process to get the scanner up and running. So, on to the questions...

    The focus on the Imacon isn't as sharp as it should be, based on the scans I've seen from these machines. After reading through the manual, there is a way of calibrating the focus using "transmission calibration sheet" or focus/calibration sheet. My Imacon did not come with its original hardcopy manual, which usually is the home for the sheet. I cannot find any of these calibration sheets online, specific for my Imacon model. Is there an alternative or generic calibration sheet I can use? Or perhaps a rental service? The manual states this service is not intended to be performed routinely (that would indicate a hardware issue).

    The other question I have is on the topic of resolution. My Imacon can scan up to 3200dpi, but I have heard of the Precision IIs scanning up to 6400dpi. Is there a firmware upgrade I can perform to achieve this, or am I misinformed in thinking that it can reach 6400?

    Let me know if you have any more specific questions for me! I'm very excited to get this scanner dialed in perfectly.

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    Re: [Imacon Precision II] Calibration Sheet, and a Few Other Questions

    If no one helps you here I believe that there is an Imacon users group on Yahoo. Good Luck
    Ron McElroy

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