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Thread: Going to try Techpan

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    Re: Going to try Techpan

    Each pouch makes 8oz, which can be used twice (technidol). I am not sure how long it would last in a tray or other container. I've never frozen it either so not sure how that affects it. Depending on your film developing method, you might have enough to develop it all, but it will be a stretch.

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    Re: Going to try Techpan

    I ended up shooting a couple portraits on my Tech Pan like aerial film yesterday so thought I'd add a few details on that processing. I couldn't quickly find my notes on Xtol, but did find times for HC110 from last fall. HC110 1:80 from concentrate, 5 1/2 minutes at 72 degrees, continuous agitation. This was BTZS style tubes, so similar processing to the OP's Jobo. Results were fine and maybe even a bit flat, but these was very low contrast shaded portraits. Developer quantity is probably a big deal at this dillution. I think it is relying partly on exhaustion to control the highlights. I used about 2 1/2 ozs per 4x5 sheet; I don't know how much the Expert will handle.

    For accuracy with the small quantity of HC100 concentrate I ended up mixing more developer than I needed, so finally got around to a direct comparison of my Panatomic Aero with Tech Pan. Results were very much the same. I may repeat today with dilute Xtol since I think I got better results that way.

    I still think Technidol, Formulary, or a POTA developer will be the very best. This is what I had on hand and I thought the info might be useful for someone.

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    Re: Going to try Techpan

    Tech Pan was my favorite 15 years ago. I have collected a stash which I shoot from periodically. I suggest shooting it at ASA 12.
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    Re: Going to try Techpan

    Yeah, I agree with the ASA 12. That's what I shot at with TD-3 or C41 (developer only). Supposedly, Edwal TEC gave a true higher speed, but I was never able to try it.
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