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Thread: Central Camera Chicago & Ilford NEWS

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    Re: Central Camera Chicago & Ilford NEWS

    One more place to visit when you go to Central, just two blocks down Wabash and across the street:

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    Re: Central Camera Chicago & Ilford NEWS

    Roosevelt - my alma mater. Received a degree in music education there a lifetime ago. I need to get back to Chicago!!

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    Re: Central Camera Chicago & Ilford NEWS

    Chiago is such a great town for photography. Central Camera is kind of a epicenter. Gallery scene is pretty great too.

    15 min walk from Central Camera there is the Peter Lik Gallery. at 444 North Michigan Ave. Love or hate it, it is wonderful place to visit to see what people (some) are buying in large format. The gallery is in the "tourist art" part of town. The real fine art gallery section of Chicago is not too far away in the gallery district

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    Re: Central Camera Chicago & Ilford NEWS

    Stopped by Central Camera while in Chicago and we spent at least an hour just gawking at all the stuff they sell. Wish they had a website with everything listed because you'd need to spend an entire day rummaging through the store to find those items you didn't realize you needed until they are in front of you. At that moment, I only needed a red filter for my Yashica Mat and they had that. Saw quite a few Calumet 400 series cameras as well as a few 8x10's, lots of medium format gear and plenty of 35mm. Lots of darkroom and film stuff too (saw a Zone VI enlarger). They are the real deal! Can't wait to go back.

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