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Thread: A Failure of Vision

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    Re: A Failure of Vision

    Farm out! Right arm, brother Rick!
    "Landscapes exist in the material world yet soar in the realms of the spirit..." Tsung Ping, 5th Century China

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    Re: A Failure of Vision

    Old hippies, maybe.

    I bought a gorgeous new 1971 Cutlass.

    My father and older brother bought similar 1970 Malibu convertibles. One blue and one green. Both small blocks, but one had stick and 400 CI in which brother installed station wagon suspension and other mods.His trick was passing on the right in the ditch when drag racing. He also drank way too much and destroyed it X-Mas eve by slamming it sideways into a telephone pole. Almost killed him.

    Father and I picked him up and I had to hold him in our car to keep the raging drunk from jumping out on the expressway. He was always wound too tight.

    I no longer talk to him.

    Peace brothers...
    sin eater

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