Correct. It has been a while since I last posted. Thus I was really 'surprised' by what I saw...
When I "Logged-in" -- Earlier this afternoon.
I of course was not complaining. Just making a couple of 'observations' and comments Re: Some of the Forum Posts
("Nothing More and Nothing Less!").

Did you look at the FS/FT Forum today? I couldn't help but notice the 'Rapid Decline' in the Number of individuals viewing that 'specific' Forum:

>> For Sale/For Trade (10 Viewing). <<

Did you count the Number of 'Today's Posts'? You could read them all in 5 Minutes (and still have time to spare).
It was 'factual' points like these... That led me to the 'Ghostown' observation.
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Agree. If it's so painful for everyone, shut it down. The "concession" hasn't worked.
As other Forum Members have observed; 'perhaps' the changes that were made three years ago...
Were not in the best interest -- For the 'Long-term' vitality of this Forum?