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Thread: bellows factor app

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    Re: bellows factor app

    Hi everybody! We have an app. Totally free!

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    Re: bellows factor app

    Free App for Bellows Extension (Factor) - Art of Foto

    Apple -

    Google -

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    Re: bellows factor app

    Okay, one more time...


    "f" is the "focal length".

    "/" is over, as in "divided by".

    "stop" is the diameter of the aperture that stops light.

    "f over stop" = Focal length divided by the diameter of the stop.

    It's a fraction. That's it. A fraction.

    One number over another number. A fraction. A freakin' fraction.

    If you need an app to explain basic third grade math for you, you're already in over your head. You won't really understand what the answer means anyways...


    (Yeah, I'm being grumpy again... )
    "I love my Verito lens, but I always have to sharpen everything in Photoshop..."

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    Re: bellows factor app

    5/3 of Americans don't understand fractions.


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    Re: bellows factor app

    Got the app to back up my sewing tape measure.

    Thanks Ken and mamanton!

    I can do freactions now, but soon or later maybe not...

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    Re: bellows factor app

    Um. . .yeah. Just pre-figure the per-inch correction for your most used lenses or the metric equivilant. Do the math once.

    When shooting in the field with the creative juices flowing and the wind blowing, you can get it done on the fly and leave the smart phone safely stowed away.

    When shooting something critical (as in bridal portraits for money)I n the studio, go ahead and work it out to the 1/10 of a stop (sorry about using a fraction).
    Drew Bedo

    There are only three types of mounting flanges; too big, too small and wrong thread!

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    Re: bellows factor app

    All discussion over best method/personal preference/whether or not an app should be needed aside.....the the app Photo Buddy has a bellows extension calculator in it. I believe it is free but could be wrong. I have had the app on iPhone for a long time, and use it mostly for its other features, but it is there. Download it and try it if you like.

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    Re: bellows factor app

    Just use f-stop inches. For an 8 inch lens (“f8”) open 1 stop at 11” (“f11”) and 2 stops at 16” (“f16”). Substitute f-stop cm as needed.

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    Re: bellows factor app

    I carry a nice compact 8' tape measure and the little Kodak guides with all the little dial computers.

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