It all comes down to whatever works best for each individual photographer.

I got into Large Format in parallel with entering a career working in Nuclear Medicine in the late 1980s. Nuc-Med involves imaging patients with isotope tracers and sophisticated computer driven equipment much like (but different from) CT and MRI imaging. At that time, the technology had not yet gone fully digital and we were using 8x10 B&W film in standard 8x10 LF film holders.

I picked up a beaten but functional pre-anniversary Speed Graphic and cut down some film to start off. Then got a Kodak 2D in 8x10. I'd load up a couple of film holders on Friday and process the sheets in the clinic's automatic processor on Monday. I found that these two imaging modalities (LF film and Nuc-Med) were complimentary. My daily work was technology -intense and LF was low-tech but high-touch. I was attracted to the physical manipulation of the camera and other gear along with figuring out the variables that go into making an effective exposure.

Perhaps that is what is behind my aversion to using an APP on a device to create and capture an image. Thats just me.

If others need a device to facilitate their work flow and creative process then that is what works for them.

The only thing that really matters is getting out and shooting.