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Thread: Carbon Transfer by Focal Press

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    Re: Carbon Transfer by Focal Press

    I am looking forward to getting it in my hands! Thanks to you, Don and John for your hard work and creativitiy!
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    Re: Carbon Transfer by Focal Press

    Bit late on the scene, but my order is in. A chance to learn from the masters!

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    Re: Carbon Transfer by Focal Press

    Oh that’s right, forgot all about this. Oct2 is coming up quick.


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    Re: Carbon Transfer by Focal Press

    Ordered paperback

    Thanks Sandy
    sin eater

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    Re: Carbon Transfer by Focal Press

    Quote Originally Posted by hornstenj View Post
    did Calvin Grier participate in the book?
    I'm not sure but I don't think Calvin did as he was busy at the time I believe.

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    Re: Carbon Transfer by Focal Press

    Thanks Sandy and co authors. Pre ordered a copy. I have been meaning to go down this road for some time after seeing Sandy's and Jims work. Looking forward to the experience.

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    Re: Carbon Transfer by Focal Press

    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew O'Neill View Post
    Congratulations to Sandy King, John Lockhart, and Don Nelson, for putting this book together! It will be treasured by many and especially by yours truly! Cheers!

    Looks exciting. Sandy is truly The King. John's wife June was such a wonderful actress, I just loved her in LASSIE - prettier even than the dog. And Don - too bad you never got that NBA championship as a Coach after getting five as a player with the Celtics. ;-)
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    Re: Carbon Transfer by Focal Press

    Ordered my copy today. Looking forward to the education this book will provide. Thanks for writing it Sandy!

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    Re: Carbon Transfer by Focal Press

    Thanks for your interest. The carbon book appears to be shipping now, also available in Kindle version.,168&sr=1-1

    For discussion and information about carbon transfer please visit the carbon group at

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    Re: Carbon Transfer by Focal Press

    Just bought it. I have some of Sandy's earlier books, and I have no doubt that this one will be terrific.
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