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Thread: Carbon Transfer by Focal Press

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    Re: Carbon Transfer by Focal Press


    When you open the Amazon link for the book click on LOOK INSIDE and you will see a Table of Contents, and a preview of what is inside. The Focal book is a completely new book, not a re-write of The Carbon Print. Several important differences include the following.

    *Much more history and documented research on carbon printing.
    *Sections on multi-layer carbon, including color, much more extensive.
    *Chapter on non-dichromate based carbon, historical context and practical applications.
    *Gallery of contemporary carbon artists much more extensive.

    Would write more but am recovering from a shoulder injury that limits typing to pecking with my right hand!


    For discussion and information about carbon transfer please visit the carbon group at

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    Re: Carbon Transfer by Focal Press

    Excellent. Thanks for that info. I'll add it to my shopping list. Was just gifted a 4 gallon inline water heater for my darkroom, so I'll be set for "development" without resorting to a kettle. Get well soon.

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