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    Ken Hansen

    Iím sure that many of you have done business with Ken over the years, he was an important source for photographers for many years and had even been one of the backers of that carbon fiber 45 camera that comes up here from time to time as well as one of the dealers that financed that recent Zeiss LF lens resurrection.
    For us as an importer and distributor of professional equipment he was a major supporter of our products over the years: Linhof, Wista, Rodenstock, Rollei, Minox, Gepe, Novoflex, among others.
    He was a friend!

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    Re: Ken Hansen

    I'm sorry to hear this. When I would visit the city from Rochester in the 80s and 90s, a visit to his store was a requirement. In fact I bought most of my LF lenses from there, and too much other gear to remember. Never met the man but the store was a class act... it was a pleasure to do business there as well as to see the exotic stuff on display. In fact I recall buying some Rollei TLR gear from him on line after the store closed, a very enjoyable transaction. One of the good ones- may he RIP.

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    Re: Ken Hansen

    I bought my first new-in-the-box camera from Ken, a Leica M6, in 1991 or 1992. It was a major purchase for me, and Ken was very patient and understanding with me as my credit cards were declined, and I ended up running out to Key Bank to get the cash. I couldn't afford the case, so he pulled something out of a cabinet on the bottom of one of his cases for me, a really ugly but perfectly functional everready case, and said "take it, I can't sell it."


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