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Thread: My father's Clarinet teacher & Edward Weston

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    Drew Wiley
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    Re: My father's Clarinet teacher & Edward Weston

    Thanks for all these stories, Merg. I got my limited knowledge second-hand from a family friend of the Westons who is still regularly down there. I kinda felt sorry for Cole having to print all those negs by his father for sale, when his own gravitation was more in color, but he obviously got good at it. And I of necessity had quite a bit of interaction with the photographic gallery scene in the area at one time, both operators and clients, so got to see a lot of prints by all of these people. It's just that I was exposed to EW's actual prints much earlier. Most of my interaction as a child was with serious painters. Yes, I love the work of all these persons, but for quite different reasons, plus that of quite a few other photographers. Any while I don't emulate any of them, I do enjoy and admire all kinds of work that has little in common with mine. But, as you already know, I can get kinda gruff on pretenders more interested in making a buck on stereotypical fare than taking time to actually look at things in depth. Sorry if that might annoy some people.

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    Re: My father's Clarinet teacher & Edward Weston

    Quote Originally Posted by Merg Ross View Post
    Ken, do you have Art Wright's DVD of "Brett Weston Photographer"? It has over 800 of his photographs from the BW Archive. Well worth the price.

    I was able to load up my copy of the DVD and because my previous computer went straight to the video I had no idea of the number of and the quality of Brett's images included. The personal collection was like looking through his personal scrapbook. Just amazing.

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    Kevin Kolosky
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    Re: My father's Clarinet teacher & Edward Weston

    I think the true art is being out there looking.

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