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Thread: Errors on Development

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    Re: Errors on Development

    As stated above, re-fixing won't harm the film if that's the cause here.
    I use tubes for developing 4x5 and 5x7, and occasionally will also see these marks (green or blue) after the fixing stage. I determined that it was due to the base side of the film touching the inside of the tube and not getting sufficiently "wet" during processing, resulting in residue from the anti-halation layer A few additional minutes in Hypo-clear solution in a tray and they always go away.

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    Re: Errors on Development

    Quote Originally Posted by Larry Gebhardt View Post
    Yes, you can refix. I'd do it in a tray so you ensure that no parts are touching the tank again. Make sure you wash the film fully when done. This can all be done with the lights on.
    Good to know.

    Started developing at home these past few weeks and this happened fairly consistently.

    I'll have another go. Cheers

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    Re: Errors on Development

    Tonight I'm developing a new batch and I'll try this also...

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    Re: Errors on Development

    Good news, extra fixation on the negatives worked!

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    Re: Errors on Development

    Good to hear!
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