Hello everybody,

I am using a SP445 tank to process my film sheets and I am using Massive dev charts app on my tablet for the processing time.

So far I have been processing HP5+ in D76 (1+1) for which I use a 13 minutes development time with continuous agitations the first minutes and then 10 seconds agitations every minutes afterwards.
And I am very happy with the results.
I have a bunch of TriX 320 I would like to process and when reading the suggested time on Massive Dev Charts, I got a little unsure
They give, for the TriX 320: 9 minutes in D76 (1:1) but when I look on Kodak data sheet, it is written a 12minutes 45seconds developing time.
So now, I am a little bit confused and quite donít know which one to follow.

Could you enlighten me please?
Thank you very much in advance for your answer