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Thread: Heidelberg tango drum scanner

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    Re: Heidelberg tango drum scanner

    Thanks to everyone for your help. I’m also looking at a Creo/ Kodak supreme 2 scanner far easier to transport if comparable in price??? So many decisions regards Dean

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    Re: Heidelberg tango drum scanner

    Hi Dean, what are you trying to achieve exactly? It may help you narrow down your decision making. Drum scanner vs pro flatbed is completely different workflow, so it really depends what you want to do and what your willing to learn.

    I have several Scanmate drum scanners, these are by far the easiest to transport one I found here in Australia, the other two shipped from US and Europe for relative pennies. I also have an Eversmart much, much more cumbersome to move but the IQsmarts as I understand were repackaged for cost cutting and smaller footprints, easier transport etc.

    Been looking for Howteks and Heidelberg in a while and there are just not as many popping up. There are a few of the latter at pro print houses and stuff, the ACT museums still have ES I think there might be a few Howteks in Melbourne , I recall someone trying to sell a D4000 for a long while - asking way too much.


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