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Thread: Decent Video Camera for Website Posting?

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    Re: Decent Video Camera for Website Posting?

    There you are Stone, long time!

    Your points are relevant

    I am making slideshows with voice over, short and quick

    I use software on my Mini-5 that lets me edit 4 video tracks, 3 audio, adjust all of them and make titles

    Yes, it's not free and I won't argue software

    I am posting as YouTube Private, which locks the content tightly, the only way to share, is if I, as maker give someone directly by email the link which is useless if copied or forwarded

    I also bought a Tiny Teleprompter sized for the Mini-5 and my iPhone SE old model

    I can add external microphones and headphones to any of it and will give my D750 a second chance, outside IRL

    All this works vastly better than my 1969 Super 8 film camera, but I still have original footage and digitized

    I learned backup files are very important in 1982 when my wife taped over a family reunion. Lost forever...

    May Anne RIP
    wear mask or NOT

    is ???

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    Re: Decent Video Camera for Website Posting?

    The Sony ZV-1 is also excellent for a small package for Blogging etc.
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