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Thread: Thoughts - 18x24 cm or 8x10 Film Format - Pros and Cons

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    Re: Thoughts - 18x24 cm or 8x10 Film Format - Pros and Cons

    What should be done with 8x10, makes FAB contact prints. Contact prints have different demands on lenses or why a contact print with a lens set to f64 or smaller works GOOD.


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    I wouldn't worry about enlarging it.. it's pretty close also to whole plate size which is a beautiful size for contact prints.

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    Re: Thoughts - 18x24 cm or 8x10 Film Format - Pros and Cons

    I use both 18x24cm as well as 8x10... I bought a few boxes of brand new fidelity 18x24cm holders silly cheap some years ago (I think even before I had a camera for them)... As you said, fomapan is considerably cheaper in the European format. You can develop them comfortably in one of those 2830 jobo tanks which can be found for a reasonable price... I think visually I prefer the 4:3 ratio in this size contact print, the main advantage of 8x10 for me lies in the fact that I can use a half-darkslide and make 4x10 negs.
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    Re: Thoughts - 18x24 cm or 8x10 Film Format - Pros and Cons

    I too have an 8x10 Norma and bought a gaggle of new fidelity 18x24 holders during a clear-out sale at Bowens (I think). This was not a "better ratio" decision - but was ensuring an access to cheaper "Standard" FOMA film from Berlin.

    I have never used these holders as there seems to be a rule that says "the larger the format - the fewer the exposures!" - thus my frozen initial purchases of 8x10" still covers my "Sinar" usage.

    The Norma was one of my first large format purchases and I soon found out that it was overkill for the type of photography I was becoming interested in. I just didn't have use for all these movements and the bulk was a real hindrance out of the house! Looking at the OP's allotment series, I would have thought that framing/depth of focus would have more important than movements made available through a "Sinar" type technical camera.

    So where is this going? Well just to point out that, if you don't need too much in the way of movements, there is another way of getting into the 18x24cm format. The French/German 18/24cm travel cameras were sold in 1,000's in the period 1890-1920. There are far more common (And more reasonable in price) than the UK 8x10" of any era. Probably more common than the UK full plate size, too. With DD plate (book style) holders, they are highly suited for dry and wet plate, as well as alternative processes.

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    Re: Thoughts - 18x24 cm or 8x10 Film Format - Pros and Cons

    I have had the 8x10 for a week only and I have shot about 9 black and white slides, testing filters, testing the camera, testing lenses, etc. I am in the honey moon period. However, this morning something happened. My wife wanted some shots of her flowering garden and I switched to my Intrepid 4x5 MkII to use Ektar 100. I found my 4x5 adorable now, so small and easy to use that I am thinking that the only benefit I would get from the 8x10 is the contact print. Let's see what happens in the future.
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