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Thread: (newbie) Why do these negatives look odd?

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    (newbie) Why do these negatives look odd?


    I am a new LF photographer and I recently took my first two exposures with a 4x5 format camera. I had a lab process the negatives, and both the scans show something going wrong (fogging, horizontal lines). I wanted help to identify what could be going wrong.

    The film is T-max 400. I asked them for the standard processing of both negatives.
    The pictures have a one stop difference in exposure.
    The scans are how they came from the lab. The issues in the image are not due to scanning - the negatives show them too.

    Here is the link to the photos:

    Is there something I am doing wrong while handling the negatives?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Re: (newbie) Why do these negatives look odd?

    Based on that link it looks like you should be using darkroom rather than lightroom.

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    Re: (newbie) Why do these negatives look odd?

    You have light fogging of the film, possibly from a light leak at the back of the camera, or a leak in the bellows, or in your handling of the film anywhere from the original box to the film processing.

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    Re: (newbie) Why do these negatives look odd?

    This a a light leak, likely caused by you inadvertently pulling the spring back away from the camera when pulling or inserting the darkslide. It is a rather common problem. Learn to pinch the spring back to the camera body with the fingers and thumb of your free hand when pulling or inserting the darkslide.



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    Re: (newbie) Why do these negatives look odd?

    Light leak. I had lots of t hose when I started.

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