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Thread: Aztek 8000 Premier, orange/yellow cast near image edge + scan lines

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    Re: Aztek 8000 Premier, orange/yellow cast near image edge + scan lines

    Chester. I first noticed this on 35mm sprockets holes "flaring" well into the frame. Retouchable, yes, but a pain in the ass. I went back at one point and looked at drum scan we had done in the mid 90's on Hell 3010's and Hell 3300's and they both exhibited a tiny bit of the flaring as well. Phil and I went round and round on this with hours of conversation on the phone but the best even he could offer was to tape off the film. He did acknowledge that the light system combined with the small aperture was the source, which makes sense. And remember that these Aztek Premiers and Howtek 8000's are about three times as fast for the same scan as the previous Howtek SM4500, which I had previously and never had to tape anything off. Or maybe it just never showed enough to matter. I have talked with Evan from time to time about adapting the lens from the 4500 that focuses the fiber optic light into the fori over to the 8000, which would help to address some of the issues. We also talked a long long time ago about switching out the 931B's with a higher sensitivity lower noise alternative from Hammamatsu. They were available at one time for about four times the cost of the 931B's but I never got around to actually buying and testing.

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    Re: Aztek 8000 Premier, orange/yellow cast near image edge + scan lines

    Ahhh....Yes it is actually a ton of work to get rid of the orange flaring cleanly without just cropping it. Wasn't aware of the speed difference of the earlier howtek model....good to know if I ever purchase one of these for myself. Taping seems to be the way to go for now, at least for 35mm...I was getting the flare even with taping on the initial post, but will try to test the same neg and see how much improved it is since I addressed some of the issues...appreciate the input.
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    Re: Aztek 8000 Premier, orange/yellow cast near image edge + scan lines

    Maybe this is part of the reason there were so few drum scanners that went down to a 3 micron aperture. I remember seeing ads for the Howtek 8000 over twenty years ago touting the speed and resolution. All the good stuff and none of the bad. Maybe that's why Hell limited the aperture stops as well, I don't know. At least we seem to have a workable solution for the time being. It's one that I'm pretty much going ride into the sunset. While scouring the internets a few years ago I came across a very interesting Howtek advertisement, talking about their new HR10000 scanner. They (maybe Phil) had apparently worked on developing at 10,000 dpi version of the 8000 but according to Evan, none were ever produced. That one would have a minimum aperture of 2.54 microns, getting in the range of some of the smallest usable pixels on digital sensors.

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