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Thread: Urgent lens understandings needed

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    Re: Urgent lens understandings needed

    If this specific example of APO Nikkor has not been severely tested using film and in real life image making situations, there is NO assurance of what the image results could be. This endeavor will be a R&D adventure, could be OK, could be awful.

    IMO, for any lens to be re-mounted into a shutter the image produce by the specific lens must be worthy. If not, there would be little if any justification for spending $z,ysa of U$D to install the lens cells into a shutter. Roll of the dice and not much more given this specific example has Fungus, then taken apart, "cleaned" and ...

    Might be better to stop the bleeding of $ now, and try for another with a lens already supplied in shutter.


    Quote Originally Posted by swmcl View Post

    Anyways, I'm here in my situation and I need to make a decision. S.K. Grimes has mounted these lenses into Copal #3 shutters in the past. So it isn't an R&D adventure.

    I think I'll go ahead with the re-mount. At least it makes the lens more approachable for others even if I end up selling it at a loss. The amount it has already cost me to send it to Woonsocket for cleaning probably can't be recovered in a sale of a lens that has no shutter.

    I'll send a pic of something far away to ya all ...

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    Re: Urgent lens understandings needed

    Quote Originally Posted by Pere Casals View Post
    But it is an x50 enlargement !!!

    To me it demonstrates than APO Nikkors allow flawless 4m prints from 8x10", and 2m from 4x5.
    It certainly does. It was the shape of the ejecta from the craters that looked like the web like pattern that fungus produces. When I scrolled down further it became clear that it wasn't fungus, but the Moon.

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    Re: Urgent lens understandings needed

    OK so the latest is ...

    The process lens is a dialyte design according to S.K.Grimes. They also basically completely replace the lens housings for the Copal #3 shutter but can keep some of the original lens housing if mounting to Ilex #5. The new housings will come with standard filter threads front and rear I believe.

    Cost of new lens housing to suit Copal #3 is $475.

    Thanks for the replies and especially from Dan Fromm and Drew Wiley for their insights.

    My camera is a 5x7 Shen Hao so it should handle the weight issues but it will be something I will need to watch carefully in the field.

    Thanks again,

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