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Thread: Just bought the first component for eliminating dust on scanned negatives

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    Re: Just bought the first component for eliminating dust on scanned negatives

    With ESD fans you will generally have acceptable performance out to three feet from the fan to the surfaces that you are looking to control. There are field meters available to confirm that you are actually getting a zero static field. For our needs a bit pricey. I find that a balloon and rubbing it against my head tells me all that need to know in controlling static to my satisfaction at a reasonable cost. But I can be cheep.


    You most likely will want to control the humidity to no lower than 30% to achieve the performance benefit of the ESD blower in your work area. This is a requirement. I have a humidifier running continually and don't even think about it being there. I'm in Denver the average environmental humidity is approximately 20% although dryer in the winter. It's not a heavy lift to raise the humidity an additional 10%. With the fan circulating the air the humidifier can be far enough away from my work surface that the mist is not a factor. And it is good for your skin.
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