I am pleased to announce the launch of Alphax Betax Shutter Services, a small, specialty business aimed at servicing Wollensak’s great Alphax and Betax shutters. For detailed services, costs, and more information, please feel free to visit my website: www.alphaxbetax.com.

Over years of servicing my own Alphax and Betax shutters, I have gathered a critical mass of bench experience, spare parts, repair literature, technical product references, and even some of Wollensak’s original engineering drawings.

With S.K. Grimes discounting leaf shutter CLAs late last year, I thought I would get off the sidelines and offer my niche services to the community at large. Because we sometimes struggle with the question of whether an old shutter is worth the cost of a CLA or repair, I’m aiming to keep my rates low.

I find Alphax and Betax shutters to be extremely well-made and a joy both to use and service. I hope to provide an option for photographers seeking to keep their classic Alphax and Betax shutters running smoothly for years to come.

Please feel free to write with any questions, my address is: alphaxbetax at yahoo dot com (trying to keep the spam down).

Thank you all for providing the community that made my large format growth and this new endeavor possible.