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Thread: Greetings from West Virginia

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    Greetings from West Virginia

    I signed up here a number of years ago, but wasn't doing much large format again until recently. I've posted a few comments over the past month or so, and have stayed out of trouble so far :-)

    I've always made my living with photography, mostly large group photos with a #10 Cirkut Camera. Lately I've been doing almost entirely portraits with 8x10 and 11x14, for fun rather than to pay the bills.

    I'm located in northern West Virginia, so only about an hour and a half from Pittsburgh, PA. There used to be quite a bit of photo activity there, but I haven't heard much lately. Film is pretty dead here, though I know a few folks working with it. At least one is a member here.

    There are a lot of knowledgeable people here, but what I particularly like are the numerous and active photo posting threads, whether theme or technique oriented.


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    Re: Greetings from West Virginia

    Welcome Mark!

    I'm in Washington,PA a few miles away from WVU. Maybe we can get a few large format photographers in this area together to head out for a shot. Plenty to photograph in WV. Maybe we can head to Dolly Sods/Canaan Valley areas?

    We'll see what happens but at any rate good to have friends in the area. PM or I'll PM you as we head towards spring.

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    Re: Greetings from West Virginia

    Cool. I'd noticed the Western, PA location. I drove through Washington on my way from home in Wellsburg to school at WVU. Always called "little Washington" at home, but don't think I ever heard that expression in Morgantown. I came to school at WVU and never left Worked for the paper years ago.

    I know a total of one other large format photographer in the area. Actually, also a college student starting to do some portrait work in 4x5.

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    Re: Greetings from West Virginia

    Welcome! I'd love to shoot at Dolly Sods if we can get some LF-ers together. I'm near New Stanton, PA, so not too far from WV.
    Bethe King

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    Re: Greetings from West Virginia

    I don't know New Stanton at all, but I guess not really all that far from Morgantown. My wife and I go to dances in Greensburg several times a year, so right by there. Also up to Uniontown a lot.

    I love outdoors, but I'm not much of a nature photographer. Dolly Sods and Canaan Valley are lovely. I've hiked and skied there but not for a while. I got a nice 10" x 56" negative with the #10 Cirkut Camera at Blackwater Falls when I first started using that. I think beginners luck, since those things are tough to get really clean negatives with.

    I actually find Coopers Rock State Forest more interesting for photography, plus well under 30 minutes from my house. Lots of impressive rock formations and neat secluded spots very accessible from parking areas. Plus the Virgin Hemlock hiking trail on the other side of the interstate. Nice stream-side trail there. I made a nice shot of Laurel Run there one very warm January day a lot like today. My wife still tells people about us lugging the 8x10 out the trail for that shot. Except it was actually a very compact 4x5.

    It may be that I just know Coopers Rock and adjacent Chestnut Ridge Park better since I've hiked, biked, and skied there for a lot of years. I have a friend that knows about all the cool stuff there, though I was shocked to be able to tell him one he didn't know last year. That one is not very large format friendly, plus my crawling on my belly through tight caves days are over (or never really were).

    I think that area would be a nice place for a meet up sometime. Or come to my house if you are interested in natural light portraits. I'll PM my email to both of you, but would also love to hear from anyone else in the area.

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