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Thread: February portraits 2019

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    Re: February portraits 2019

    4th Annual Adoption Day Portrait by Aaron Amodt, on Flickr

    My best friends

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    Re: February portraits 2019

    Quote Originally Posted by cuypers1807 View Post
    Kurt Moser uses the same lens I have. ( I have seen a few others mention that they have one but haven't seen too many examples other than Kurt. He is shooting 20x20 plates greater than 1:1. Sharpness gets really limited at 1:1 because virtually nothing is in focus due to the shallow DOF. I am shooting some close portraits over the weekend. I'll post one if anything is worthy. Looking forward to seeing your results as well.
    I enjoyed the videos of Kurt Moser. It is amazing how close he was shooting with the 18" Beseler lens.

    A couple friends came over Saturday to help me experiment with lenses. I spaced the front element out 1/4" on the 22" Beseler triplet, and that nicely took the edge of sharpness. However I still didn't come up with a good picture yet. I'm going to the darkroom now to see if I missed a good one to print. In the meantime here is one from that session with my Vitax portrait lens. 11x14 contact print of Tristan, still in the wash tray. About 4 second exposure on Fuji x-ray film in caffenol developer.

    Tristan by Yew Piney, on Flickr

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