View Poll Results: Your age at last birthday

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  • 18->30

    9 4.97%
  • 31->45

    27 14.92%
  • 46->60

    62 34.25%
  • over 61

    79 43.65%
  • other

    4 2.21%
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Thread: Poll 2019: Age at last birthday

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    Re: Poll 2019: Age at last birthday

    Quote Originally Posted by Randy Moe View Post
    Who gives the correct birthday or any other data

    We scouts have been taught to lie by our youth
    Is your real name Randy Moe? A name is data, too.

    If there is so little confidence in any data, these kind of comments would have been better at the beginning of the thread so that it would have ended sooner.

    I was a scout, and we were not taught to lie. Maybe i should not believe anything Randy Moe posts anymore.

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    Re: Poll 2019: Age at last birthday

    Just checking data

    Quote Originally Posted by hornstenj View Post
    This poll was prompted by these 3 other posts. I thought the answers were self evident. I asked anyway, mostly to check the forum software features.

    Prompt Post 1:
    how old are we?
    Hello to all, After reading the last post it occured to me that most of the respondants we re appoximately my age (I too and staring down the 50 year mark!) and I was wond ering what the average age of large format shooter is? It occurred to me that I don't think I've seen very many young people using this format, actually I don't see too many people shooting large format at all.
    joe a kras

    Prompt Post 2:
    ROLL CALL https://www.largeformatphotography.i...2912-ROLL-CALL
    I cannot believe only 41 to 45 people are monitoring this forum daily. It is time for a roll call.
    Check in and leave your name or nickname. We will see how many show up over the next several days.
    Frank Bagbey

    Prompt Post 3:
    Is the Forum a repository or a community? https://www.largeformatphotography.i...or-a-community
    MODERATOR'S NOTE: I've moved the "repository vs community" discussion to its own thread, both so as not to derail Kirk's useful "Forum growth" thread and because this is an important topic in its own right.

    Michael R



    Snapshot as Mar 2019

    * 18->30 7 4.76%

    * 31->45 21 14.29%

    * 46->60 51 34.69%

    * over 61 64 43.54%

    * other 4 2.72%

    on Jun 8, `19 it seems the 31->45 has increased...
    Images vastly preferred

    not game trying to


    In Time

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    Re: Poll 2019: Age at last birthday

    70 years this past March, started doing photography in high school in 1967.
    damn, year go by so fast.

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    Re: Poll 2019: Age at last birthday

    I'm still in my thirties. It'll be quite a while till I get to the 46-60 age group.

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    Re: Poll 2019: Age at last birthday

    Turned 56 yesterday. I believe I was 40 when I joined...

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