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Thread: Poll 2019: Age at last birthday

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    Poll 2019: Age at last birthday

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    Re: Poll 2019: Age at last birthday

    Perhaps adding how long we have done LF...

    I am 68 and learned LF here on this forum starting when I joined 8 years 2 months ago.

    A beginner in this world.

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    Re: Poll 2019: Age at last birthday

    This is interesting, and matches the technology itself. I have been here one year, I am celebrating my first anniversary. I have learned a lot. The rest, I learned from the book USING THE VIEW CAMERA by Steve Simmons. I see no, or very few millennials here. One day, our grand kids will find this forum and ask themselves who were this people? Why some of them were so impatient with those who were not up to their speed? Of course, if they read the whole thing, they will find out that not all were impatient, most were so helpful and passionate about the subject.
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    Re: Poll 2019: Age at last birthday

    I learned LF in 1960 with a 4x5 Century Graphic.
    Developed and printed in a nice darkroom, already used for MF.

    - Leigh
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    Re: Poll 2019: Age at last birthday

    I was introduced to sheet film at the Livermore camera club by Jerry Russell in 1992 . I have always loved the detail and speed (slow) of using LF. I am 55 years young...


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    Re: Poll 2019: Age at last birthday

    I got into LF b@ck@$$w@rd$ in a way. In 1988 I apprenticed a portrait photographer who did large format portraiture. She was OL'Skool and weekly, I processed hundreds of her 5x7 negatives, learned to retouch them with lead, did a little camerawerk and used her Anniversary Speed Graphic and within a month I bought a Pacemaker of my own. I bought a view camera about a year or two later and taught myself how to use it. I also taught myself how to coat big dry plates ( 8x10 to 16x20 ) between 1986 and 1988; not for use in a camera but to contact print, enlarge and photogram-on instead of paper, and used them as both a final print (glass) and a (glass) internegative to contact print / enlarge onto store bought paper. Haven't really stopped goofing off, except I have brought making cheap fun and easy Cyanotypes and Xerox Shop hybrid negatives into the fold. I don't really twist my bellows into a pretzel and I'm not really a purist by anystreatch of the imagination. I figure when it stops being fun, I'll stop making photographs.
    enjoy your coffee

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    Re: Poll 2019: Age at last birthday

    I started using a 4x5 camera in 1978 or 79 in a college photo class (required assignment). Realized I had been using my Rolleiflex like a view camera (tripod, GG, f22, long exposures) and switched to 4x5 as my main format. Eventually moved my way up to 5x7, 8x10, then 11x14.
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    Re: Poll 2019: Age at last birthday

    I suppose my introduction to large format was around 1978/9 as part of a technical photography module in my geology studies. It did not form part of my personal tool set until the early 2000's with 4x5, and in the last couple of years 8x10.

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    Re: Poll 2019: Age at last birthday

    Started the journey in 1996 with a worn out Speed Graphic and a copy of Using The View Camera
    Shortly after I acquired an old 8x10 camera, 14" Commercial Ektar, a beat up tripod and three Kodak film holders.
    Jim Galli recommended Freestyle Arista sheet film which was rebadged Ilford FP-4+ at that time.

    Made lots of mistakes including trying to turn an airplane hanger into a dark room. a frozen turkey into a 5x7 pin hole camera, and a wine barrel into a ULF panoramic pinhole camera (first two failed miserably, the third is still in the design stage)
    There's no end to the fun!
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    Re: Poll 2019: Age at last birthday

    What do you mean by "last birthday"? Oi! I hope it ain't my last!

    ...and can Other mean?

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