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Thread: Drum scanning negatives developed in PMK Pyro

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    Re: Drum scanning negatives developed in PMK Pyro

    Waving does not make the residue to go away. If anything it helps to distribute it more evenly over the surface of film and makes its presence less obvious.
    It contains anti-static (an extremely fine grained white powder?) which is part of Kami drum mounting fluid and with some probability may contain a dissolved glue from the tape that was used to tape the film to the glass or drum.
    Film cleaners also contain anti-static. With film cleaner the residue will never be gone completely but carefully wiping the film off after scanning is a good idea

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    Re: Drum scanning negatives developed in PMK Pyro

    Quote Originally Posted by Tim V View Post
    Great, thanks all.

    Probably deserves another thread-if it doesnít already exist-but are Heidelberg drum scanners good? Iím looking at a lab who offer up to 2400dpi for 8x10Ē. I guess this might not be the max resolution the scanner is capable of, but thatís the max they list on their price list for 8x10Ē film.

    Poste note: itís a Heidelberg Chroma Graph s3400 Drum Scanner.
    2400 might just be the limit that the scanner can process in a single pass. Not sure if it is different from a Chroma Graph, but my Heidelberg d7100 can only process up to 16,000 pixels per rotational line around the drum. So with an 8x10 negative mounted so that the 8" end hits this limit, the max dpi that can even be used is 2000dpi which will spit out a massive 16,000x20,000px 2gig scan.

    So to go even larger, you'll need to do extra work by scanning the negative in multiple chucks and stitching them together. But that 2000dpi scan is already plenty huge for the uses of most mortals, so this only needs to happen if you are doing some extremely large printing.
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