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Thread: Gibellini 11x14 film holder

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    Gibellini 11x14 film holder

    Has anyone used these? They look pretty nice and not as expensive as others offered now todays. Just saw a Fidelity for over $600.00. Dang!!

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    Re: Gibellini 11x14 film holder

    Their holders do look very good. I’d be tempted to try the 8x10 holders if tolerances were tighter than Fidelity / Toyo.

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    Re: Gibellini 11x14 film holder

    Quote Originally Posted by rich caramadre View Post
    Just saw a Fidelity for over $600.00. Dang!!
    Overpriced by a factor of 2 to 3. Just because someone is greedy enough to ask that and someone may be stupid enough to pay for it doesn’t mean you have to.

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