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Thread: Fresnel for restored 8x10 camera question

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    Fresnel for restored 8x10 camera question


    I found an 8x10 camera to restore a couple years ago, made some brass parts, replaced some screws, and finally made a bellows for it using drapery blackout cloth more/less following Harlin's approach. It works, the camera folds up, it'll never win any prizes for perfection, however. I'm not as meticulous at the Harlins.

    I have a 6.25" f12.5 WA Wollensak lens and I've heard that a fresnel can be helpful particularly for wide lenses. I wasn't going to use necessarily, but I saw that an 8.5"x11" one is for sale at a local office products store (office max) for about $12 and I could cut it to fit.

    Is there any reason to think this would be a good idea or a bad idea or particularly helpful or??

    I'm assuming the ridges go toward the lens not the ground glass, right?

    And, I'd have to figure out how to hold it in place w/o changing the registration of the ground glass (which is sprung) with the place where the film holders seat (non-standard by modern standards, but I have 3).

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Re: Fresnel for restored 8x10 camera question

    I have used those, I last paid about $3 from somewhere.

    Old people like me use them for reading newspapers.

    I used mine occasionally on 11X14 and just slapped it up there, no special mounts or cut.

    Now I can't find it...

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    Re: Fresnel for restored 8x10 camera question

    I also used the one from Office Depot or Amazon ($8) on an 8x10. It works perfectly.
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