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Thread: Have decided to make my office a clean room

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    Re: Have decided to make my office a clean room

    It was interesting, but... how did it finish?

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    Re: Have decided to make my office a clean room

    Keeping my office clean is super important for me, especially since I have a deep aversion to dust. Ugh, can't stand it. I've opted for a solution that has worked wonders for me: hiring a professional cleaning company.
    I've been using a cleaning service in Lafayette that comes in twice a week. It's a bit of an investment, running around $500, but the peace of mind and the pristine environment it provides are absolutely worth it. Not having to worry about cleaning allows me to focus solely on my work without any distractions.
    Going Green, the company I use, has been incredibly reliable and thorough. They leave no corner untouched and ensure that every surface is gleaming by the time they're done. If you're in Lafayette and looking for a cleaning service, I recommend giving them a try.
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