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Yep, I was worried about snapping mine, too. After applying the "Pledge furniture polish" trick (as suggested in an earlier post by Jason) and applying a very light coating of paraffin wax along the edges of the dark slides and exercising the dark slides about 50x, they've gotten a LITTLE easier to pull/replace. The method I've adopted to replace the dark slide is 1) I hold the ground glass part of the camera back with my left hand (to ensure I don't displace the holder and cause light leaks), and 2) holding the dark slide with my right hand as I would with a film holder I carefully start it in and jiggle it a bit if it doesn't feed in as I'd expect. It's hard to describe, but I tense up the muscles in my arm/hand and concentrate on not allowing the dark slide to bend. If it just won't feed in, I reposition my right hand along each edge of the slide near the holder itself alternating very small movements to get it going. With my holder, it seems that once I get a good start I can then feed it like a regular film holder.

I hope this makes sense and helps.

Makes perfect sense, Alan ... Thank you!
I will go hands on tomorrow.