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Wipe down the dark slides with Pledge furniture polish. That will smooth things up. Trade secret that I discovered!
Hi Jason,

Got mine today! So excited to start shooting some of your dry plates!

To say the dark slides are tight would be an understatement. As is, I'm not sure I could replace the dark slide while the holder is in the camera without breaking something. How susceptible to breaking/cracking are the dark slides? I will try the Pledge idea to see if that makes them easier to remove/replace; time using it will probably help, too.

Silly questions: There is what looks like masking tape along both top(ish) sides and on one side of each dark slide tab. I'm assuming the tab tape is to reveal unexposed or exposed plate and the one across the top end of the holder is? For writing on? If for writing, what does one use to write with that's removable?