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Thread: Darkroom Renovation Phase 1

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    Re: Darkroom Renovation Phase 1

    Quote Originally Posted by EdSawyer View Post
    consider a Thomas duplex safelight if you can- it's by far the best out there. One will easily light your whole space.

    Kreonite: honestly, I'd dump it - if you want to get back to RA4 processing, there are better/smaller/more appropriate choices. (Can that even be set up for RA4?) I use a Fujimoto CP-31 (I actually have a whole spare CP-31 too...), it's a great solution for RA4.

    Hi Ed!

    No color, just B&W. I've had Patersons safelights forever, actually I just found a couple more cheap. But thanks for the suggestion!

    I don't think the EP2 Kreonite will be hard to sell, when I am ready. Kreonites last longer than we will and of course Kreonite is still around. A friend calls it the "kryponite" processor because they last forever.

    Kreonite CPT16 EP2 Color Processor by Nokton48, on Flickr

    I have a LOT of Fuji Crystal Archive paper to sell off, too. Lots to do, enjoying retirement
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    Re: Darkroom Renovation Phase 1

    +1 for what EdSawyer says....

    Quote Originally Posted by EdSawyer View Post
    Even though fluorescents have an afterglow, I've never found it to be a problem, when developing C41, B&W or RA4. They seem to fade to a level that is a non-issue almost immediately, based on my experience.

    May switch to LEDs for less flicker and finickiness though.

    Darkroom looks good so far!
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    Re: Darkroom Renovation Phase 1

    That fluorescent afterglow might not be such a "non-issue" when handling sheet film!

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    Re: Darkroom Renovation Phase 1

    Thanks Guys for all the ideas! Keep them coming!

    I did replace all the overheads yesterday with LEDS. Total Cost about 60 Bucks. Will save more than that on energy over the upcoming years.

    Replaced the tungsten round bulbs with LEDS, too. Those are cheap at IKEA.

    Notice the well deserved beer in the foreground. LOL.

    New Overhead LEDs installed by Nokton48, on Flickr

    Idea for darkroom sink by Nokton48, on Flickr

    I am envisioning something like this in my new darkroom. That will come in phase II -- Electrical, Plumbing, and Construction. I particularly like that ventilation hood right above the trays. Phase I is simply getting the darkroom up and running again! Want to process some J lane Dry Plates in there this weekend
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