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Thread: Graflex Focal Plane Shutter question

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    Graflex Focal Plane Shutter question

    I just want to make sure I have this clear in my head...
    With a focal plane shutter, like a Speed Graphic, exposure time is determined by slit size and rate of travel, regardless of distance traveled, correct?
    Would the exposure settings used at the focal plane be the same if the FPS was moved to a location right behind the lens?
    I vote YES.. the cone of light would be smaller, but it isn't size that we're dealing with..
    Discuss ...

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    Re: Graflex Focal Plane Shutter question

    Focal plane shutter means focal plane shutter... That is it covers the film area which is a given format, so the shutter travels over that area... If near the lens, different diameters have different areas the slit would pass, and have horrible efficiency with a slit shutter...

    Note that shutters in or near lens open and close to the center of lens axis for a reason...

    You can look up sector shutters, as were used for movie cameras etc...

    Steve K

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    Re: Graflex Focal Plane Shutter question

    Several folks here have gutted speeders to successfully use as front-of-lens shutters for 8x10 and larger cameras. I'm sure one will show up eventually.....
    Thanks, but I'd rather just watch:
    Large format:
    Mostly 35mm:
    You want digital, color, etc?:

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    Re: Graflex Focal Plane Shutter question

    I have cut a graflex in half and made a fitting to go in place of the front lens board, then the lens goes in the front of the graflex. The front of the graflex has a front lens board mount, then the lens on its lens board fits.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	speed graphic shutter.jpg 
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    This one is on a 10x12 camera with a sixteen inch petzval attached, note the clip to stop the front standard giving way. The shutter is not so heavy, but that lens was.

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