Hi there, Large Format Photography Forum!

I'm just your average Swede, with a tendency to write long posts.
Much like many of the aspirational photographers of my generation, I got my start in digital photography, with my first camera being a Canon 20D.
However, using that camera, as well as its digital successors, was always about experimentation. Which lead to me suddenly amassing way too many manual lenses (and with them a heap of old film bodies).
Fast forward a couple of years and me clearing out a lot of photo-related things at home, among those an Alpa Reflex.
Realizing that there is more to photography than big (which is ironic seeing where we're at), bulky plastic bodied cameras urged me to look into more of the lesser known (to the public at least) camera brands.
During this time I also ended up buying some chemicals, finally getting started to develop some film.

Now, I've always been interested in antiques, making the old, wooden, 19th-century cameras very desirable. I finally got an unmarked, British I would guess, half plate camera a while ago, which lead to me developing my first sheet of film, which I must say was a lot more fun than fiddling around, failing to thread the Paterson 35mm/mf-reels. It's a beautiful, fun-to-use camera, however not the most user-friendly one that I have used. At around the same time, I also happened to stumble upon Christopher James' book of alt processes.
Boy did that make things even more interesting. Time-wise we're now in early 2019 and suddenly I have found myself with a Toyo sitting in a cardboard box waiting to be opened and a shopping list that would likely not be very popular if it was found in customs.
One of the biggest reasons that I got the Toyo (it's one of the older, half plate versions, supposed to have a 4x5 back which takes the pacemaker boards(?)), was the positive reviews that I read on these forums! What better thing to do than to become a member of said forums? I'm really looking forward to learning more, finally get started with some alternative processing and last but not least, hopefully, be able to keep my GAS in check.