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Thread: majestic tripod

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    majestic tripod

    Hello again.

    I have a (used) Majestic tripod with a Majestic head. It is quite solid, even when attached to an 8x10 Orbit (C1 clone) and Fuji 300 5.6 (read: gargantuan) lens. However, I notice that, even when tightened to the nth degree, I am able to move the camera from side to side. Of course, this does take a bit of pressure; I doubt it would move if I were to brush against it slightly, for instance. I am wondering if this is to be expected. If not, how might I make the damned thing more rigid. I am new to 8x10...forgive me if this seems to be a silly question.

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    majestic tripod


    Not silly, but try using the seach feature and most questions may have a thread. For this question try:

    That may cure it (by the way, I use a Majestic head and think it great for very heavy cameras, such as a C-1). Good luck.

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    majestic tripod

    I don't think you should have any movement. I have a majestic 1200 series mounted on my Cambo stand in the studio. The head usually holds a Horseman Monorail and even when extended near 1000mm with two bellows and pointed downward almost vertical ...... it is rock solid, no movement.

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    majestic tripod

    Percy, there should be no movement (no matter what brand of tripod), even to the extent or not that you describe. Identify the source and lock it down ie: allen screws etc.

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    majestic tripod

    I concur with the final post on the linked thread. I tightened mine by loosening the set screw, then tightening the screw holding the handle to the shaft. I'd try that first if I were you.

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    majestic tripod

    Thank you, gentlemen.
    j.e.: That's EXACTLY what I did...worked like a charm.

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