The 3021 will work fine, as will your head. I generally use my Chamonix 4x5 with a Gitzo 1325 carbon fiber tripod (fairly heavy duty) plus an AcraTech ball head. It's very sturdy. I sometimes use the Chamonix with a Feisol 3441T travel tripod and a Photoclam ballhead BH40, but I once did have the tripod + camera blow over. The wind in the Dakotas blows semi-trucks off the highway (and has blown a train off a trestle a couple of times.) I haven't used the Chamonix on the 3441T since then, but might if backpacking and taking the 4x5. I'm pretty sold on carbon fiber tripods, btw. They are light and seem to absorb vibrations well. When the wind is really serious here I use a very solid Berlebach wooden tripod. It could probably stay upright in a 35 mph wind.

Kent in SD