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Thread: 14x20 ULF In Practice

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    Re: 14x20 ULF In Practice

    I have a 14x17 and 11x14 and 8x10. Truth be told I hardly ever use the 14x17 because of the hassle and the need for assistance to operate the beast - it's a Chamonix. I find 11x14 and 8x10 big enough these days. My 11x14 is old (120 years) and has few movements but its very light. Film holders are the bit the weight the most at this size. The 8x10 is convenient because I can use the Jobo to develop 5 sheets in one go. I love my 11x14 though for its presence but it is a bit harder on the developing and printing end. But if you do go big I'd recommend an RR camera (one of my 8x10 is an RR) and at ULF that really is the way to go.

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    Re: 14x20 ULF In Practice

    I have an old, heavy, Folmer & Schwing 8X10 and have made a plywood extension back to accommodate my one and only Vageeswari 8.5 X 15" Plate Holder (it has adapters for film use). I am making the finishing touches to make it light-tight so hope to do some test shots in the next week or so.

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