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Thread: 5*7 Speed Graphic

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    5*7 Speed Graphic

    I just recently latched on to a Clean (considereing the age) and fully functiona l 5 by 7 Speed Graphic with a 1931 serial no., with a 1912 serial no. 180mm F/6. 3 Tessar that someone put into a Dial Compur. The focal plane shutter works, and has no pinholes, as neither does the bellows. The lens is clean. Looking forwar d to using. However, does anyone know of a good repair service that could clean and lubricate the focal plane shutter? Yes, it does work, but with the age of th e beast, no doubt could benefit from a CLA. Also, is Kodak Ortho a high contrast copy film only, or can it be used for pictorial uses. It is available in 5 by 7 sheets. Yes, I know there are plenty of panchromatics available, put am excited to try a ortho for a period look from that period. Thanks for any info.

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    5*7 Speed Graphic

    You may have luck here:

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    5*7 Speed Graphic

    You should be able to get cleaning/repair at Photography on Bald Mountain in Ca., ortho film is available from B&H in N.Y., the nice thing about ortho is you can watch the development under a red light and it lightens folliage and skin tones for the old time photo look, very good for male photo's, makes women look a little severe, but blue lipstick on female subjects comes out very well. Pat

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    5*7 Speed Graphic

    Unfortunately Kodak "ortho" aka Kodalith is high-contrast only; Ilford Ortho is a wonderful pictorial film and may be available in 5x7 by special order; otherwise you could cut down 8x10.

    Most traditional camera repair shops should be able to work on the shutter, which is very simple.

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