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Thread: Actual formula for Pyrocat HD A and B solutions

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    Re: Actual formula for Pyrocat HD A and B solutions

    Quote Originally Posted by Cor View Post
    I switched to PyrocatHDC, almost identical, and no problems since than...

    Good luck,


    HDC works the same for me too. Fewer ingredients for DIY which is why I tried it. No problems with the Photographers Formulary pyrocat hd, shipping just got kinda steep for me

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    Re: Actual formula for Pyrocat HD A and B solutions

    After working with PMK for many years, i decided not to mix my own pyro from dry chemicals. It wasn't worth the cost of a respirator etc to me. I switched to Formulary PyrocatHD & then HD in glycol. It is the only film developer i use except for a very brief foray w Xtol. I personally have never had development problems with Bud's products & use the 50 litre kits and leave them in their original plastic bottles. Of course this is one sample and your experience may be different than mine. I get consistently good negatives & haven't had the precipitate problem.

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    Re: Actual formula for Pyrocat HD A and B solutions

    The issue is not standard development times, it is the extended minimal, semi-stand and stand development where the developer just sits there for long periods of time so microscopic particles will wreak havoc with the film, but for normal development and agitation cycles, the developer can never sit long enough to cause an issue.

    So, I will be experimenting with filtering for ma, ema and stand developing as well as mixing my own.

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