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Thread: Are any medium format lens circles large enought to cover 4x5?

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    Re: Are any medium format lens circles large enought to cover 4x5?


    I also have some mamiya press lenses, but my focus here would be transplanting some bronica etrs, sq or gs into copals... probably i will be stuck in the format they are intended to, but i will give them a try...


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    Re: Are any medium format lens circles large enought to cover 4x5?

    Quote Originally Posted by MAubrey View Post
    Some Fuji GX680 have image circles that do, since they were designed for substantial movements on on MF.

    BUT, it isn't easy or simple. They use electronic shutters of the non-standard Seiko #1 variety. So first, you need to find the correct size mechanical shutter, then you need to struggle to remove cells from the original shutter (which Fuji makes extremely difficult). If you can succeed in doing both of those, you'll have some thing quite nice.

    Still, if you put in the effort, the Fuji 180mm f/3.2 makes for a lovely poor man's Xenotar.
    Good to know it is worth it. I took apart a cheap GX 125mm. The idea is to get the electronic shutter working if I ever find enough time to get to it. But taking it apart wasn't hard using one of those "Zyliss Strongboy" jar openers and a rubber glove. But items should be in any toolbox.
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