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Thread: Artists using Photographs to inspire or assist them?

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    Re: Artists using Photographs to inspire or assist them?

    I've had some 'success', at least from a technical perspective, by printing at grade 5 on Ilford Matt paper, and then painting over that with lean layers of spirit thinned oils, a bit in the style of oil sketching.

    No guarantees of it not crumbling off the gelatine at some point, but it was interesting to try.

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    Re: Artists using Photographs to inspire or assist them?

    There is a widely held belief that many renaissance painters used optical devices to assist thrm in getting realistic perspective in their works.

    Penn and Teller did a documentary about a man who recreated one of Vermeer's paintings using mirrors to project the scene onto the canvass. Look for "Tim's Vermeer".

    I would not be surprised to hear that many contemporary artists use some photographic process to inspire, inform or assist them in their creative process.
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    Re: Artists using Photographs to inspire or assist them?

    The Art Nouveau painter Alphonse Mucha was another artist who worked from photographs at times.

    Some gridded photographs of his are to be seen here...

    The grid method is still widely taught.

    I prefer to use a proportional divider myself.

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