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Thread: Bore Da, Hello from Wales UK.

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    Re: Bore Da, Hello from Wales UK.

    Quote Originally Posted by joem View Post
    Yes Welcome, we've been there several time and always enjoyed the place and people very much

    Thank you so much. Much appreciated

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    Re: Bore Da, Hello from Wales UK.

    Hi Sajad

    I live and do most of my photography in Carmarthenshire, maybe our paths will cross

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    Re: Bore Da, Hello from Wales UK.

    Sajad, While if I had to pick my favorite part of Wales from when I was an ex-pat, it might be Snowdonia, but that is the opposite end of Wales from your home in Cardiff. But one "factoid" that has stuck with me all these years is that Wales has more castles (at least ruins) per square mile than any other country. I know there are a bunch near Cardiff, and castles make excellent subjects for large format: they make use of tilts and swings, and they don't move! Since I love ruined castles (at least photographically) I hope you visit some.

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    Re: Bore Da, Hello from Wales UK.

    A warm welcome from Canada!

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    Re: Bore Da, Hello from Wales UK.

    Welcome, here @Sajad Ahmad.
    Definitely, you must read the forum rules and collaborate with us and share your experiences.
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