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Thread: LF in Northern Spain?

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    LF in Northern Spain?

    Buenos dias!

    I was curious about LF in Northern Spain---Pamplona, Burgos and Leon in particular. Are there any merchants that stock sheet film in those towns?


    (BTW, please don't answer in Spanish! I'm still trying to learn the language (after fifty something years living in California my vocabulary is still limited to stuff like "Sepulveda Blvd " "Burrito Grande" and of course all the "Sans" and "Santas" ;-)
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    LF in Northern Spain?

    You might want to bring it along or load up in Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia. In Northern Spain, try Aldana, SA in Bilbao. Crta. Bilbao-Galdacano 18, Edificio "ARZUBI" (metro Bolueta), 48004 Bolueta - BILBAO Tel: 944 118 411 - Fax: 944 113 174 -

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    LF in Northern Spain?

    For what it is worth, I spent a month this past summer in the rural Basque Country with my 4x5. I carried two boxes of B&W and a box of NPS160 with me. Traveling this way was a snap with no problems getting through security and no damaged film. I never had to spend time fighting big city traffic to get materials. On the next trip I will do the same.

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    LF in Northern Spain?

    Sorry, in my two trips to Northern Spain, I made do with my 645's and 6X7 for B&W and 35mm for color and left my 4X5 at home.
    But I do have some memorable pictures of Pamplona, Estella, Burgos, Leon, Santiago de Compostela, Asturias, and San Sebastian. And wonderful memories of some of the best "pulpo" I've ever eaten. And the noisiest, sleepless Friday night in Burgos when drunken 20-somethings kept serenading one another in the streets below our window.


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    LF in Northern Spain?

    Greetings John,

    This isn't quite on topic but I figure it's a good tidbit of information to know.

    Rioja (Spain's most prestigious wine region) - many Bordelais settled in this region. Therefore, the wines are Bordeaux-like. Many have Tempranillo in the mix...

    Try the following red wines (not to say that all of the wines below are from this specific region):

    1. Vega Sicilia Unico - most vintages but if you can find the 73, 89, 94, or 96... you're very lucky!

    2. Artadi El Pison 2001 is a very good vintage... better than 2002. (Not to say that 2002 is bad... just that 2001 is better.)

    3. Remirez de Ganuza Trasnocha 2001 - If no Trasnocha, the Reserva is very, very tasty too.

    4. Valsacro Di Oro 2001 is also very good

    5. Numanthia Termanthia 2001

    [Email me if you'd like more info on wines ]

    LOL... now, the tie to LF photography - unless you enjoy slightly t0 very soft images, don't drink any of the above wines by the bottle, in one sitting, prior to making a photograph!

    Life in the fast lane!

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    LF in Northern Spain?

    Hi John, My wife is from Logroņo, capital of La Rioja, and though we live in Barcelona, we spend time in that region. I've never found a decent LF supplier there. But Casanaova Pro and Arpi in Barcelona have good stocks of the usual pro colour stuff in 5x4, little 8x10. For BW it is easier to import from Althoughhaving said all that, I know Tim Atherton picked up a load of mido holders from a dealer in Logroņo
    Give me a shout if you get to Cataluņa and I could show you around

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    LF in Northern Spain?

    Hello John,
    Travelling to Spain? It will probably be hard to find LF film in the cities you mention. Much easier to stock yourself in Madrid, if arriving there. Many places to find film - Fotocasiķn, Domenech, etc. in the usual stocks. Color easier than B/W. Quickloads & Readyloads are also available. Film is expensive though - I get mine shipped from Germany.
    If you want a list of places in Madrid or Barcelona, email me privately. I'm based in Barcelona now but lived in Madrid before and would happily send you film if needed. Well, Julian will help you out too! Salut Julian!

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    LF in Northern Spain?

    Hello John

    Good choice, a wonderful place on earth, but your only chance to buy or develop LF Films are Madrid and Barcelona. Madrid is not so far, and I can recommand also the southern part of Burgos direction Madrid. The valley of the duero is wonderful. Some years ago I went with a Linhof GT 8/10 to document the abbadia of S. bernardo near Penafiel. Now its the Museum of wine of the duero.
    You are looking for landscape architecture or people? And don`t forget to improve your spanglish, the people are very nice, but only if they can understand you..

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