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Thread: The business status thread

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    Re: The business status thread

    Same situation here! Came here looking for answers and found a lot more of the same. Placed my order 1/4/23. No response to order or follow up emails. From the sounds of it this is not uncommon. Guess I'll wait....

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    Re: service???

    Quote Originally Posted by Doug Fisher View Post
    Yes, we took some time off during the Christmas to New Year period but are back at work now. I believe I have responded to all pending enquiries, but if I missed your enquiry, please contact me directly.

    Hey Doug! Are you still taking orders/in business?

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    Re: service???

    Hey, TrevanM, you had me excited when I first saw your post - I thought maybe Doug was replying to you.......until I realized that it was a quote from a post from January 2019. Let's hope we will hear something from him soon! I have a bunch of negatives I want to get good scans from!

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