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Thread: Stay out of Yosemite NP New Years!

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    Drew Wiley
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    Re: Stay out of Yosemite NP New Years!

    Getting worse. One of the reason the road into Joshua Tree was closed is that vandals were chainsawing down Joshua Trees!

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    Re: Stay out of Yosemite NP New Years!

    Southern California, just a little portion of the State, from Ventura County (Karsashian's live there) to the Mexican border has 19 million people living and driving cars everyday. In 1992, there were 15 million. When I hear another State with 800,000 people, I feel that is just my neighborhood size. It is a shame that education at home is at the bottom of the priorities in many homes.
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    Re: Stay out of Yosemite NP New Years!

    We took a detour through a huge Joshua Tree forest on BLM land S. of Las Vegas (I-15 was closed by a pile up---injuries but no fatalities, thank God!)
    I'd better not post the exact location to keep it "safe"
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    Re: Stay out of Yosemite NP New Years!

    I kinda of think somebody should use a chainsaw on such vandals...

    They're busy proving my theory that stupid people are never infertile and just keep making more idiots.

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