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Thread: Crown Graphic dismantle

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    Crown Graphic dismantle

    I am in process of dismantling my "new" crown graphic. I would like to do away with the built in shutter release mechanism, but have hit a snag. I cannot remove the front rise locking knobs! The knobs do not simply unscrew. I see a slotted screw that the knob turns on ( see pics). I looks like someone in the past has tried to do something with these knobs because the slots are messed up. Would these be a reverse thread? Just reaching back inside the body to detach the cable from the button looks like fun too! Thanks!
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    Re: Graflex dismantle

    I see no big deal to leave it original, you can still use a cable release on the lens. Is it causing a problem?

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    Re: Graflex dismantle

    I would like to free up space around the knob and I think the plate behind the knob is interfering with both sides adjusting evenly when bottoming out the rise.

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    Re: Crown Graphic dismantle

    I think that knob will just unscrew but it's kinda tight on the last few turns so it does not come off accidentally.

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    Re: Crown Graphic dismantle

    I was hoping that was the case, but I did not want to force anything. As you can see in the pics, the end are buggered up a bit. How is the threaded shaft mounted behind the standard?

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    Re: Crown Graphic dismantle

    It will unscrew as JP said. The top of the stud is expanded slightly by means of that slot to keep it from unscrewing in normal operation.

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