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Thread: Bís Developing Reel

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    Bís Developing Reel

    Has anyone seen this yet?

    Thereís a couple of videos on YouTube about this, but theyíre by the guy selling them, so not really an unbiased opinion. I like the fact that I can use it in my Paterson 3 tank, and they supposedly only use a half liter per six sheets, which is better thank the mod54.


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    Re: Bís Developing Reel

    I like the simplicity. I don't know much about 3d printing but I would wonder if the interior of the slots are smooth enough to allow easy load/unload without scratching. Also, those daylight tanks depend on the opacity of the center (circular) channel. I assume the maker has tested that.

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    Re: Bís Developing Reel

    An elegant design. I particularly like the pinky-finger notch idea, that shows some real forethought. Would like to see some work out of it, although the price is not too out of line for a trial. 5x7ís?
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    Re: Bís Developing Reel

    That's pretty neat. I wonder about scratches on the base...
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    Re: Bís Developing Reel

    I can see it working with inversions, but how with rotary?

    Don't put developing tanks in any food dishwasher.

    The price is good.

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