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Thread: Best affordable 4X5 Field camera

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    Best affordable 4X5 Field camera

    I have been in 4x5 for 35 years, but so far, I have been in the studio or in close familiar places using older Calumet monorails. I want a field camera that will handle lenses from 65mm to 300mm. I have a Calumet slide in 120 holder that I use often. Something light weight but sturdy. I'm sure many of you have already figured this out. Thanks!!

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    Re: Best affordable 4X5 Field camera

    Chamonix or Shen Hao. Can often be found used. I've had both, now have the Chamonix.

    Kent in SD
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    Re: Best affordable 4X5 Field camera

    I have a Crown Graphic that I use and one I have for sale on this forum if you are interested. Its small light and easy to use not to mention inexpensive. Check it out under fs: Crown Graphic also with a 6x9 back

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    Re: Best affordable 4X5 Field camera

    I use both a Super Graphic and a Sears Tower (Busch) for field work. If I don't need a lot of lens movement, they work fine. I also use a Cambo 6x7 roll film back.

    Right now, a fellow has a Toyo 4x5 AX, that I'm considering. It has quite a bit more movement, and I'd consider it first. I still like the all metal field cameras, even though they're a bit heavier.

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    Re: Best affordable 4X5 Field camera

    I recommend that you take a look at the Canham DLC.
    Tons of movements, accepts a wide focal range, packs up small (and quickly) and quite sturdy. Great support from Keith Canham, even if bought used.
    You may read that the movements are not the most precise (though I think the model after mine has a ruled scale on the rails) and care must be taken not to move the standards once set up, but I have found mine to work great in the field.
    I bought mine a good many years ago and never wished for anything else for field work.

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    Re: Best affordable 4X5 Field camera

    Toyo AX
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    Re: Best affordable 4X5 Field camera

    I have a shen Hao, a horseman FA and a Prinzdorff, all are great performers the Shen Hao is a little heavier but its built like a tank

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    Re: Best affordable 4X5 Field camera

    I’m surprised that nobody mentioned Intrepid which is by far the cheapest with 250£. Max bellows extension is 320mm which is a bit short for a 300mm. But it is a way to see whether you like 4x5” at least.

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    Re: Best affordable 4X5 Field camera

    The Intrepid is a fine entry level 4x5, but I'd be concerned about camera shake with the bellows racked all the way out for a standard 300mm lens. I don't have the 4x5, but I do own the 8x10 and my Fuji C 450mm lens begins to push the boundaries of this camera.

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    Re: Best affordable 4X5 Field camera

    For many years I used a 5x7 flatbed B&J, usually with a 4x5 back. With the bed extension it could easily accommodate a 21.5 inch lens. It cost a fraction of what I eventually gladly paid for a cute little 4x5 Ikeda Anba.

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